Make College Work for You


#1 Factor in Academic, Career, and Life Success: A Victorious Attitude

By Professor Brill de Ramírez, author of Make College Work for You


“To think you can, creates the force that can.”


The #1 factor for success in all avenues of life is having a victorious attitude.


Animal, Bird, Raptor, Bird Of Prey, Flight, WingsThe great 20th century educator Dr. Stanwood Cobb explained that having a victorious attitude makes the difference in whether we achieve success or failure. He writes that if we are

  • pointed in the direction of success,
  • optimistic and hopeful for success,
  • and have an expectation of success,

then we are much more likely to succeed.

"We need [a victorious attitude] in all the vicissitudes of life; we need it for our mental health and happiness." And we need it for the success of all of our endeavors.

There are many guides for success in school and career and life, many forms of advice for each person, and many consulting strategies for organizations, but without an optimistic attitude of hope, possibility, and accomplishment, then success is virtually impossible.

A century ago in his book entitled A Victorious Attitude, Orison Swett Marden tells us the following:

“We should all go through life as though we were sent here with a sublime mission to lift, to help, to boost, and not to depress and discourage . . . Our conduct should show that we are on this earth to play a magnificent part in life’s drama to make a splendid contribution to humanity” (8).

To move the world forward in good ways, to move ourselves and our communities and our organizations forward in good ways, each person, each group/unit/team/department, each organization must have a vision of success and the victorious attitude to make that happen!

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