Make College Work for You


Stories to Help Female Students "Lean In"

Stories to Help Female Students “Lean In”

By Professor Brill de Ramírez, author of Make College Work for You

Women (and all) students can take much greater charge of their college experience by learning the 3 S’s of College SucceSS:

  • Strategic skill set development
  • Smart credentialing
  • Significant accomplishments

In the past, female students did not receive the same level of preparatory career guidance that boys received during social networking outings on the golf course with their fathers, professional mentoring and networking through fraternities, and key career mentoring relationships with male faculty. The professional networking and career support still are not equivalent for girls and women as they are for boys and men.

Today, increasing numbers of female students are learning to “lean in” with deliberation and planning. Education is key! So are support networks. We all should support the progress of girls and women throughout the world.

We can encourage girls and women to develop effective “can do” attitudes for school, life, and career success. Motivating stories of success are key!

We can support girls and women gaining their educations and being empowered to help their families, communities, and world. This is crucial for us all. Women and men are like the wings of a bird. We need both women and men contributing effectively in our communities, nations, and world. Each person needs to receive the education necessary in order to develop the tools and to find the pathways forward to contribute in big ways.

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