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The #1 Lesson to Learn for Success in College & Life is Teamwork

The #1 Lesson to Learn for Success in College & Life is Teamwork

The #1 Lesson to Learn for Success in College & Life:

"Many Hands Make Light Work"

This builds on the prior blog from February 2016. I want to continue the thread about the importance of teamwork skills for every college students. The good news for any current or future college student is that it is possible to make your college years a great success for you, for your future career, and for the difference that you will make in the world. And there is just one lesson that holds the key to this for you and for any student.

You see, you can succeed in college and make your time a college a great foundation for the rest of your life--provided that you learn this one key lesson that in so many ways is very much an American lesson: that success in virtually any activity is a result of teamwork, of collaboration, and of many coming together so that each individual is able to learn, grow, and contribute.

It is easy to feel overwhelmed about the big decisions regarding a career, jobs, and college. It is important for each student to remember that as you go forward through your life, you are never alone. Think about the different people you have known who have already been there to help you out in different ways: family members, friends, teachers, coaches, coworkers and bosses.

Success in college and life is a team effort. Throughout your life, there will be many different people there to cheer you on. And too, you will be there to pay it forward to help others.

So, the #1 Lesson for Success in College and Life is learning that success is a team effort. This means that while you are in colege, you will be developing and practicing your teamwork & leadership skills for use throughout the rest of your life. 

For a more thorough discussion about the ways that each person and each student can develop their teamwork skills in strategic ways for heightened success in college, in the workplace, and in life, feel free to check out my new eBook available on 10 Strategies for Your Success in College. You can also find a brief description of the book along with external reviewers' comments here.

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