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College Keynote Speaker

College Keynote Speaker

College Keynote Speaker

Every speaking engagement needs a quality keynote speaker. The person delivering the message is the one who draws the crowd. What they discuss, how they present it, and why they have gathered the attendees all play into what is taken away by the audience. These reasons make it essential that a college presentation is delivered by an experienced keynote speaker.

Staff from educational institutions who attend seminars are concerned with the future of their organizations, their members, and their students. For those who can take the time to attend or host such events, getting the most out of the experience is vital. That's one more reason why your college keynote speaker should be someone you can trust.

Celebrated Keynote Speaker

Dr. Susan Berry Brill de Ramírez is a professor, author, and speaker who specializes in educational success strategies when she uses her talents as a college keynote speaker. Dr. Brill de Ramírez has made her life a study of college success, minority and gender issues, educational excellence, literature, and more. She understood what Wittgenstein meant when he said, "The limits of my language means the limits of my world," and works hard to make sure that others don't face those same limits. You can learn more about her speaking and consulting here.

You've heard the old adage: takes one to know one. In this case, it's completely true. Because of Dr. Brill de Ramírez's personal and professional success, she's uniquely qualified to help others seek that same success in college. She can offer valuable insight into the learning experience and provide unique knowledge about college success strategies. In short, Dr. Brill de Ramírez is the ideal college keynote speaker.

An Experienced Keynote Speaker

Ludwig Wittgenstein said that "problems are solved, not by giving new information, but by arranging what we have known since long." In the field of education, often those who excel are those who can put to use the information they've already accumulated. Dr. Brill de Ramírez can show you how to do just that. She understands that most people already possess the raw materials to be successful; what they lack are either the tools to put the materials together or the skills to arrange and implement what they already know. A big part of student success in college is the ability to do what is necessary with the knowledge you have, and a talented college keynote speaker can help you understand and apply that truth.

Dr. Brill de Ramírez can share her experience with you in these areas:

An Engaging College Keynote Speaker

Dr. Brill de Ramírez has recently given lectures on things like networking for success via a shared culture of learning, collaborative models for undergraduate research, and making college students successful. She provides guidance for institutional planning, development of educational practices, and more. She can help students with communication skills, study habits, and having the courage to step up and do what is necessary.  You can contact her today to book her for your next speaking engagement.

Emily Dickinson said that "luck is not chance, it's toil; fortune's expensive smile is earned." In other words, you don't succeed through luck but through hard work. Dr. Brill de Ramírez understands this and has a deep yearning to help college students understand it as well. Regardless of your major, the professors you get, or other circumstances, you can achieve success in college if you are willing to put forth the effort to understand basic principles of success. That's what Dr. Brill de Ramírez is committed to sharing when she engages her audiences as a college keynote speaker.



College Keynote Speaker: Dr. Brill de Ramírez