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The key to success at any seminar, educational conference, or speaking engagement is usually the quality of the keynote speaker. An inspirational speaker can make the difference between a lackluster presentation and one that engages and challenges the audience. If you have important themes to communicate, if you want to truly reach people, and if you want to make sure that all attendees are enabled to be successful, you simply must have the best motivational speaker available.

Dr. Susan Brill de Ramírez years of experience, dedication, and education have made her one of the country's most desired academic motivational speakers. Professor Brill de Ramírez is a warm, engaging speaker who brings intelligence, commitment, and compassion to academic speaking engagements with a desire to effect positive change in all whom she encounters. She is deeply committed to each student's capacity to learn and succeed and the highest level.

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Velma Wallis once wrote, "Now, because we have spent so many years convincing the younger people that we are helpless, they believe that we are no longer of use to this world." How many of our students now lack the courage to survive in a world of ever-evolving social practices, technology, and concerns? Has our focus shifted so much to performance evaluation that we've forgotten to inspire, even to succeed? Perhaps we've lost the drive that Tennyson detailed, "to follow knowledge like a sinking star, beyond the utmost bound of human thought." Perhaps we're sometimes no longer "one equal temper of heroic hearts...strong in will", and we struggle "to strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield." But perhaps Tennyson's dream is not dead after all. Sometimes, we simply need someone to point the way.

Dr. Brill de Ramírez believes strongly in the power of motivation and in helping students to achieve all that they can achieve. She excels at motivating college students to seek their potential in meaningful ways. And she's able to communicate that clearly and concisely in her presentations. That's part of what makes her an ideal academic motivational speaker.

Sometimes it's the little things that matter. Professor Brill de Ramírez believes that even the smallest star can make a brilliant spark, and so she treats each of the students she speaks to, seeking to inspire each of them. "How small a thought it takes to fill a life," Ludwig Wittgenstein said. How true that is. To find the most effective motivational speaker for college you have taken the best first step by visiting this website. You can continue by contacting Dr. Brill de Ramírez to learn more.

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With a comprehensive background in management and human resource development, Dr. Brill de Ramírez is a true innovator in teaching. Her experience includes:

The changing needs of the workplace insists that those who are successful are well prepared. Dr. Brill de Ramírez seeks to help others develop that level of preparedness. Her active involvement in literacy work in her home community, her environmental restoration efforts, and her keen pathos for minority and gender issues are some of what makes her uniquely qualified as a college motivational speaker. Learn more about her consulting and speaking specialties and feel free to check out these resources and links.

To achieve the vast potential that lies within each of us, we must learn how to tap into our own wells of courage and understanding. Dr. Brill de Ramírez helps people do just that.


Academic Motivational Speaker: Dr. Brill de Ramírez