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College Success Strategies

College Success Strategies

Strategies for Educational Success

How exactly does one achieve success in college? Is there a specific college success strategy to use? Is there anyone out there with college success tips? The truth is that there is no one path to educational success. The real answer is that hard work, a little wisdom, and perseverance go a long way." As long as you remember what you have seen, then nothing is gone," Leslie Marmon Silko said. So what is the key then?

Dr. Susan Brill de Ramírez knows that there is no substitute for hard work. Stepping up and doing what is necessary is hard, but it is the way one achieves success. Dr. Brill de Ramírez's educational success strategies do not attempt to provide quick-and-easy solutions to a problem that cannot be solved in such a way, but rather focuses on doing things right the first time. After all, as Wittgenstein said, "I don't know why we are here, but I'm pretty sure that it is not in order to enjoy ourselves." Dr. Brill de Ramírez thrives on helping people find their footing, their purpose, and ultimately their path to college success.

College Success Tips

Dr. Brill de Ramírez can help students work to increase performance, learn to step up and work hard, discover successful and fulfilling lives and careers, increase interest and engagement in academics, and develop skills that will help them to succeed in college as well as in life. Her consulting and speaking is highly sought after due to her natural style, her deep concern for others, and her practical knowledge about things that matter both to students and to educators. She has a particular interest in helping millennials, minorities, and female students to realize their potential for success in college.

With guidance, you can learn to develop successful and comprehensive communications and other academic skills. You can learn educational success strategies that are vital to your positive college experience. For educators, Dr. Brill de Ramírez provides guidance for institutional programming and practices for student success. She's available for workshops, lectures, seminars, and presentations. She helps students, faculty, staff, and administrators. She's also available in communities, to libraries, bookstores, and even high schools as a highly regarded resource for student success.

Secrets of College Success

It's easy for students to feel lost, especially if they are away from home for the first time. But as Simon J. Ortiz believed, "It's amazing how much knowledge we have of hope. Whisper bravely into the dark, heart - whisper bravely." In other words, there's hope for you. Dr. Brill de Ramírez can help you discover that hope through academic success strategies. Regardless of your professors, your major, or your life circumstances, you can find success in college by understanding the true secrets of college success: that hard work is achievable and worthwhile. Dr. Brill de Ramírez can help you understand exactly how that works.

In addition to her public speaking engagements, Dr. Brill de Ramírez is known as an author with interests in minority and women studies. You can check out some of her books here. She's also a professor with impressive credentials, part of what makes her so qualified to speak about educational success and the truth of secrets of college success. Wouldn't you like to develop the tools and skills to be able to thrive in college?

Contact Dr. Brill de Ramírez today to learn about her speaking engagement schedule, her resources available to you, and what she can do to promote college success strategies at your institution. Kimberly Blaeser, noted Native American writer said, "Old histories that name us enemies don't own us; nor do our politics." In other words, we make our own future. Take control of yours now!


College Success Strategies: Tips from Dr. Brill de Ramírez