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Dr. Brill de Ramírez provides guidance for institutional programming and practices for student success at the high school and college levels. She will work with you to strengthen your students' smooth transitions from the crucial years of high school forward to and through the early years of college. She is available to assist with the development of “high impact” educational practices and activities to heighten student learning, leading, and living.

Dr. Brill de Ramírez is available for workshops, lectures, seminars, and presentations with students, faculty, staff and administrators. She is also available to communities, libraries, bookstores, and personal consulting as a resource for student success.


Areas of special interest include the following:

  1. Advising high schools for student success transitions from K12 to college or work.
  2. Increasing student overall performance in the first year of college.
  3. Increasing high school graduation and undergraduate retention numbers.
  4. Heightening student interest, "buy-in," commitment, and engagement in academics.
  5. Advising high school & college students in strategic directions for life and career.
  6. Assisting the development and success of comprehensive academic/living advisement practices.
  7. Helping students develop their 21st century communications skills (digital, visual, oral, written) to higher levels.
  8. Utilizing social media, especially LinkedIn & Twitter, for student learning, maturation, and academic success.
  9. Working with millennial and female students to “lean in,” step up, and succeed.